All Social Media Video Downloader – 2020

Social Media Video Downloader & Audios Downloads By URL Link

This Website Social Video Downloader allows to download (photo , video & audio) from 18 popular social Video networks with one-click.

Unlike other downloaders available in markets , this plugin allows you to create a fully customized “downloader website” because of the WordPress can choose a free template from WordPress Directory , install Elementor plugin to customize your template and simply insert  herodownlaoder in your customized template and lunch your website.

for example in demo , I used a free template from WordPress directory (Optimizer) and then I installed the popular page builder (Elementor).So I designed this demo in just 20 minutes only with drag and drop!


Social Media Downloader consists of two parts :

  1. frontend downloader : Allow your site visitors to download media from supported social networks for free.

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  1. backend downloader : if you already have a blog and you want to add media from TikTok , Facebook or …  into your blog posts directly , you can use this feature.this part allows you to download any type of media from anywhere on WordPress Media library just with one click.further more supporting social networks, this section also supports direct download from any media file link.for example if you see a photo in google and you need to use this photo in your post content , you can copy that photo link and paste it in wsmd downloader form and download that in your site directly.

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One of the problems that most downloaders have is that after some time your server’s IP will be blocked by some social networks. Therefore, it will no longer be possible to download from that social network for example Facebook. But in this plugin we have used two different methods to bypass this Restrictions.

  • method 1 using proxy : you can easily set a proxy IP in plugin settings , so if downloading from a social network is restricted , the plugin tries to download using proxy . in this case because of changing IP the download will not be fail.
  • method 2 using multiple IP  addresses per network interface : you can easily set different IPs in plugin settings , so if one ip is banned , the downloader tries using another ip to download.This option will work only if the IP you add are available for the server. That means you have to buy some additionnal public IPs and assign these new static IPs to the server . This should work only if you have a dedicated server…

Note : This plugin provides a shortcode for showing up download form in a WordPress site. so you should create a WordPress website , install template and install wsmd plugin then put this shortcode in a page content and in the end lunch the site.but if this is not easy to do for you , I have created an easy installer package from current demo. after purchasing this plugin just upload easy installer package folder contents to your server/host and lunch a website same as current demo just in a few steps.

Supported Websites/Social Media Networks

  1. Youtube (you can download audio , video and muted versions)
  2. Vimeo
  3. Instagram (you can download photos and videos and post with multiple photos/videos)
  4. Tiktok
  5. Imgur
  6. Mashable
  7. LiveLeak
  8. Faceboook
  9. Twitter
  10. Flickr
  11. IMDB
  12. NineGag
  13. TV
  14. Break
  15. VK
  16. Buzzfeed
  17. Ted
  18. Bandcamp


  • Easy installation package
  • Multiple IP support
  • proxy support
  • Two different methods to show download results (Modal window or below the download form)
  • Two fixed places for showing ads in Modal mode (before and after results)
  • option to enable/disable showing supported websites name in downloader input form
  • option to enable/disable “Start Download on Paste”
  • option to change loading gif image
  • option to enable/disable sharing buttons and also choosing needed buttons
  • option to Active/deactive Downloaders
  • Ability to change start button text and icon
  • Ability to fully customize download form and results style
  • Six default template for download form and results
  • fully RTL support
  • Translation ready
  • AJAX Based
  • Multiple Media Resolutions
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Free Lifetime Updates

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